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Reiki Intuitive Energy Healing:

Distance Reiki 

30 Minutes: $40 (Normally $50)

60 Minutes: $75 (Normally $100)

As the world feels the heaviness, fear, anxiety and sadness of our current situation, I have been trying to find ways to ease the pain and offer some loving support. I asked myself, what are the unique ways in which I am qualified to serve? What does the world need from me right now?

As a reiki master I have been honored to witness and hold others in profound and deeply healing moments through the gift of reiki. It is a healing energy that completely changed my life and I love to offer it to others.

What is reiki? In its simplest description it is a transmission of love; an energy that has the ability to heal all aspects of our being and can cross time and space which is why distance reiki is just as effective as in-person. Kind of like radio waves, we can’t see the frequency but we know it is real, reiki is a loving frequency that is never harmful and often brings a feeling of peace and understanding.

Distance reiki can be performed a variety of different ways, but I like to connect over the phone, asking the client to get as comfy as possible (laying down, blankets, music, and candles etc.) We begin with a short guided meditation before moving into silence and then finish with a conversation that usually helps to bring it all together.

It is a deeply healing and loving moment to simply receive.

Reflecting on the financial landscape and the very real ways this is effecting us all, I will be offering Distance Reiki at a reduced price as a small way that I can contribute.