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Reiki Intuitive Energy Healing:

60 Minutes: $100

30 Minutes: $50

Weekly 30 Minutes: $45

Weekly 60 Minutes: $75

Reiki is a commonly known form of intuitive energy work that has the ability to heal various physical, mental and emotional ailments. Reiki is a deeply relaxing, noninvasive treatment that is never harmful and is always beneficial. It is usually performed with a light touch or with no touch at all and helps to bring peace and balance to the mind, body, and soul. Intuitive energy work is a beautiful way to asses and tune into one’s unique energetic body and bring to light what is stagnant or blocking growth and authenticity. Energy work can create amazing shifts in life, especially when done regularly. Come experience the magic!

For those who are interested in becoming certified in Reiki go to our Workshops page for upcoming trainings!