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Holistic Customized Facial: $120

Using primarily the natural, local, herbal skincare line Farmaesthetics, every customized facial includes an arm and hand, shoulder and neck message, scalp massage and acupressure. Our facials are a whole being healing experience with luscious herbal scents, synchronized rhythmic touch and loving energy. Said to be “the best facial in town” this treatment will leave your skin healthy and glowing and your mind calm and peaceful.

Lash Tint


Brow Tint


This is a quick and easy way to add definition to your brow or get the look of mascara without having to apply it every day. The tint is a vegetable dye, safe for the eye area and lasts about 2-4 weeks.

Waxing Services:

Brow Design: $25

Underarm: $40


“Emily has the most incredible touch. Her breadth of knowledge is apparent and encouraging, but the real treat is how relaxed and rejuvenated your skin feels after her treatments. The products she uses are not only soft and clean, but visibly effective. She also has extensive awareness of what products work for what people. I wouldn’t hesitate for one second to recommend treatments by Emily Perkins! It’s the best esthetic experience I’ve ever had!!!”

“Emily’s facial was the perfect balance of treatment and relaxation. She is excellent at analyzing the skin and its needs. Having been a Spa Director for 9 years, I can be a very tough critic. I can honestly say that Emily blew me away and I can’t wait to go back!”-Deborah Garman, Spa Director at the Providence Biltmore

“Emily Perkins facials are absolutely AMAZING!”

“I LOVE your facials!”

“You have an amazing touch. My skin has been glowing the last few days. I loved every minute of it. I’m still relaxed from your healing hands and my skin has cleared up too!”

“A facial from Emily Perkins is like a kiss from Jesus!! Thanks so much!”

"Can you picture in your head, "being at the beach, and watching a bird taking flight on a perfect summers morning over the shimmering ocean?" - how light, graceful and beautiful that image is... Well, thats how I leave coaching sessions with Emily sometimes. :)! Emily is a true Gem to work with- Her radiant energy inspires and provokes your own radiant energy to blossom, therefore making room to allow for one to peer through the beautiful and not so beautiful parts that inevitably need to be explored for true growth. She is a warrior of the light that knows how to hold space when a person needs it most, with patience and loving understanding. She's an excellent person to be with when you have an "A-HA!" moment, (which is every coaching session, Thankfully!) leading to a light-hearted laugh together and then gently, she holds that space once again for you to process your puzzle of life. Her form of support is really felt when the two of you talk. She makes coaching something to look forward to each week- not knowing where it will lead but knowing that exploring your trials and tribulations, it will be transformative. To listen, not just hear someone, is a conscious, mindful act of awareness that takes humble practice of one self, which is clear when engaging with Emily. Bottom line- working with her is fun, and heart-warming, and groovy and intelligent. She's a rockstar- goddess- woman of the light!"

Amanda has a great touch and listened to my concerns. I have never been more relaxed in a facial.

Sadie F

Had a great and relaxing experience with Amanda! She is very knowledgable and warm. Can't wait to go back!

Erica F.

I can't even put into words how amazing Amanda is at what she does!! Incredible facial and I do believe the Dermasweep is my new best friend. Will never go anywhere else!!

Karen M.

I love getting facials with Amanda. The facials and dermasweep have really made a difference in my skin. I have had quite a few people notice! The whole experience is very relaxing and I try to treat myself once a month.

Mary C

I totally enjoyed my facial experience yesterday at Amanda's. I am so amazed at how different and improved my skin has become since I've started seeing Amanda. My skin was constantly breaking out, sore and rather embarrassing. I have people compliment me on my skin now. The facial experience is just so soothing and relaxing! What a great way to treat yourself!

Linda R.

I look forward to my facials with Amanda. She is very knowledgable, explains what she is doing and makes suggestions about my skin care...something you don't get in a large spa. The atmosphere is very quiet, relaxing, and comfortable. After only two sessions, I see great improvement in my skin. Thank you, Amanda!

Erin M.

My facial was great! Everything Amanda said was spot on and I had super smooth skin after the dermasweep and no redness. The products were lovely and smelled great and I was really able to relax. Amanda is so nice and very conscientious. I would definitely recommend her.

Amanda has a great touch and listened to my concerns. I have never been more relaxed in a facial.


I had the pleasure of meeting Amanda and having the best facial! She is very knowledgeable about products and was generous to share samples which I will be using!! There is a clear difference in my skin and I will be coming back again and again! THANK you Amanda for your sweet care and concern and the best hour and a half of this year!