The Healing of CranioSacral Therapy

The Healing of CranioSacral Therapy

In order to understand how my session of CranioSacral Therapy made such a huge impact on my body, I would like to introduce some background information. CranioSacral Therapy consists of a light touch approach that releases tensions deep in the body to release pain and dysfunction aiding in whole-body health and performance. This specific therapy allows for the relaxation of the Central Nervous System which creates many benefits for the body as a whole. The soft tissues and fluid that protect the brain and spinal cord play a huge impact on the central nervous system. It is no secret that on a day to day basis it is very common to endure stress, in the process the body easily absorbs the stress and strain that we experience. Over time, the body will begin to tighten due to this tension and will effect the brain and the spinal cord. Unfortunately, this can compromise the function of the central nervous system and nearly every other system in the body. However, CranioSacral Therapy allows for these tensions to be released and allows for the entire body to relax and self- correct. 

By freeing the central nervous system to perform at its best, below are some of the following illnesses and dysfunctions that the CranioSacral Therapy can help with: 

● Migraines and Headaches 

● Chronic Neck and Back Pain 

● Chronic Fatigue 

● Chronic Stress Related Illness 

● Spinal Cord Injuries 

● Motor-Coordination Impairments 

● Learning Disabilities 



● Fibromyalgia 

● Scoliosis 

This past week I had the opportunity to experience CranioSacral Therapy by the incredible Rob Berube at Love Living Holistics. This was my first time receiving CranioSacral Therapy. Going into the session Rob gave me a brief introduction of the general understanding of CST and what I may experience throughout. I had previously gotten Reiki I certified, so it was important for me to understand that this wasn’t as much energy work as it was physiological work. This acknowledgment helped me to understand the process a lot deeper. In the beginning of the session my body was starting to accept the relaxation that was coming through but it wasn’t until he lightly placed his hands at the bottom of my spine and around my sacral area that I felt my entire body enter a state of relaxation.

I felt as though I was floating. At this exact moment my mind began to calm as I thought, “it is so incredible that my body can experience such relaxation just from a simple touch?!” As the session continued I felt as though my body was just existing on the table. I was experiencing twitches and spasms throughout my entire body. With each one I remember thinking, “I didn’t even know my body was holding tension there, or that it could even hold tension there!” After each twitch or a spasm I completely felt the release of the tension, how incredible?! As I began to regain more consciousness as the session was coming to an end, my body continued to stay in a state of relaxation and this continued for the next 48 hours as my fascia system was continuing to loosen and release tension throughout my body. 

Rob and I talked after my session and he explained that this feeling was due to my central nervous system coming into a state of relaxation because my fascia system was loosening up. This was also a result of all of the twitches and spasms that I was feeling throughout the session. Before this session I had no idea that the fascia system was an important component in releasing toxins from the body. If the fascia system is hardened then it is difficult for the body to remove toxins and for the central nervous system to relax. I learned that drinking much more water than I was currently drinking daily can aid in loosening the fascia system so that the body can release toxins through this fluidity system. I also learned that my hips are quite tight because Rob did not experience the drop of my sacrum as he does with most clients! It is so interesting to learn about the fascinations of the human body through these types of therapies. 

I was amazed to learn so much more about the human body that I had not known before. It is incredible to me that we can provide the body with simple yet complex alternative therapies that provide the body with all that it needs to be productive and healthy. A simple position of the hands on the external body can identify the rhythm of the fluid that is flowing around the central nervous system. As the practitioner locates areas of weak fluid flow they can identify the area in which the dysfunction is originating and create an internal shift. After this amazing experience, I would highly recommend this therapy to anybody! Not only is it incredible to enter this state of relaxation, but the benefits that it has on the body are essential! 

The words that come to me when I think about the CranioSacral session is “Love for the Body”. This session showed me more of what it is like to give my mind, body, and soul the complete love and gentle compassion that it deserves. Sometimes it is easy for me to forget to check in on myself and focus on what my needs are. However, this was a great reminder to me that it is so important to take the time to tend to my body’s needs. I hope that this can also be a reminder to you, to listen to what your body may be telling you, especially through these times. 

We are always here! 

-Madison Guyette

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