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Our New Home!

The Sanctuary was created as a loving, safe space and resource for our community and as a place where other practitioners, teachers, and leaders could have a space to offer their gifts. The Sanctuary Membership Tribe is a community structure for practitioners to have access to this special space to easily offer their services, trainings, workshops or events.

How does it work?

Members will pay a monthly fee for a certain amount of hours per week or for a single event (day rate) and have access to the treatment room and/or the main space as well as the props and 2 treatment tables.

Who might want to become a member?

  • ✓ Private yoga instructors
  •  Wellness practitioners looking for a beautiful space to use for virtual sessions
  •  Acupuncturists
  •  Reiki Practitioners
  •  Coaches or Therapists for private sessions or workshops
  • Practitioners looking to offer certification classes, trainings or workshops

Sanctuary Rental Pricing

1 HOUR $100
2 HOURS$200
3 HOURS$300
4 HOURS$400
1 DAY $100
2 DAY $250
3 DAY $500

If you would like to apply to become a part of the tribe the application is below!

We are excited to get to know you!

Moon Gatherings

As we move through life, we follow the rhythms of the energy around us. The moon pulls and pushes the tides like it does the water that makes up so much of our body. Gathering in circle has been a powerful act of community, togetherness, collective healing and power for centuries. These moon gatherings are a reprieve from the chaos of life to drop into yourself and be held in the safety of connection. Open to all and with no pretense, they are simply a safe space to just be, reflect and create.

For dates and upcoming gatherings and to connect with our community join our Facebook Page!