What Gets in The Way of Trusting Yourself?

What Gets in The Way of Trusting Yourself?

Hello to all of you beautiful souls, 

I hope that you are all having a wonderful week and riding the Scorpio Super Full Moon energy from last night!

The last few weeks so much has been coming up for me personally, a lot of internal shifting has been happening. 

This Scorpio Energy is bringing in so much change and deep reflection. I wanted to offer you a few journal entries for you all to consider and some of my own personal responses as support and also because sharing vulnerably opens our hearts and connects our souls!

What gets in the way of trusting myself, and where can I acknowledge the ways in which I am already trusting myself?

When I think about these two questions I feel as though I subconsciously trust myself (because my higher self knows)  but I consciously don’t trust myself. I find comfort in my survivor self, however it is my survivor self that feels the lake of trust and my healthier self that wants to build a healthy bond of trust over all else. I feel as though I am moving into this way of life where I am starting to bring awareness into the areas of my life when my survivor self becomes present and the areas in which my healthy self is showing up. This journey has not been easy. It is confusing and it brings up so many different emotions, however it is also showing me the beauty that lies within all of it. The beauty that lies within our souls. Recently, I have been approaching this question of “what is getting in the way of trusting myself?” When I sit with this question I think about all of the times I felt shame throughout my life. I think of all the times I was told I was doing something wrong, or that I was BEING wrong. There were so many times that I was judged for the way that I showed up. I think along the way I learned to not trust the person that was showing up because I started to associate it with something negative. I also think about the limiting beliefs that I have created for myself over time. The “I am not good enough”, “I am not pretty enough”, “I am not smart enough”,  “I am not wise enough”, “I am not strong enough”, “I am not healthy enough”, “I am not safe enough”. These limiting beliefs always seem to creep in during a time that I am trying to make a decision for myself. I am starting to realize it is all of these thoughts that I have accumulated in my mind and convinced myself that they were my reality. This is the barrier that makes me feel like I can’t trust myself. When I take away these thoughts, and I listen to my intuition and what my gut is telling me, then the trust for myself begins to appear. It is always there. I just have to access it. I want to focus more on GUT-ACT. Listen to my Gut and then instantly act. Creating no time for my thoughts to settle in, and for my mind to start overthinking. 

In what ways can I bring more awareness of each moment to live in conjunction with the present?

~Pick a color and count how many of that color I see in my surrounding presence. 

~Close my eyes, and really listen to what is going on around me. Whether it be the wind, the birds speaking to one another, the waves from the ocean, the busy traffic in the distance, my heartbeat, others voices, or the laugh of another, JUST listen. 

~Humming a tune that represents how I am feeling in the present moment.

~Doing a body scan, really paying attention to the sensations in my body.

~Engage in conversation, even if it is with a stranger. You never know what kind of beauty could come from it. 

~Settling into the mindset of acknowledging that the present moment is literally all we have. The past is gone, and the future has yet to happen.

~Practicing Gratitude.

~Performing acts of kindness.

~Paying attention to the small things in life.

I hope these ideas can spark some inspiration of becoming more present in each moment that you are blessed with, and also sparks some new ideas that you come up with on your own!


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