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What is reiki?

Reiki is spiritually guided life force energy. Or in other words, it is a transfer of love.

Emily is an Usui Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki Master and a member of the ICRT (International Center for Reiki Training). Because reiki is passed down as a lineage from master to student, the level and frequency that our students receive and are certified in is also Usui Holy Fire III (the most current, upgraded form of reiki).

The levels of certification we offer are:

Reiki I

Reiki II

Advanced Reiki


Karuna Master

Courses are typically 2-3 day weekend trainings from about 10am-4pm.

Students will receive a certificate at the end of their training and will be added to the Reiki Tribe Facebook Page connecting them to a community of other Reiki practitioners certified with Emily.



By the end of the weekend I felt that, not only was I functioning on a deeper level of spirituality and intuition, but I was open to a new way of life; one where energy and healing is a daily practice. I can’t recommend this course enough for anyone who is searching to find their higher purpose, tap into their intuitive side on an even deeper level, and lean into willingness of the unknown of the art of Reiki Healing.


I did the Reiki I Certification course with Emily in October of 2019. Since I had only had Reiki performed on me one time in my life, I had very little knowledge of what to expect. I found the certification course to be more of a spiritual retreat than simply getting Reiki certified. Emily is so warm, and her presence so healing, it is hard not to allow yourself to completely open up with her. I did the certification with three other woman, who I will forever feel bonded to. We laughed, we cried, and we learned how to unlock the healer in each of us, and also how to practice the art of Reiki on each other. The weekend was meditations, energy work, and plenty of bonding. In my time there, I began what I believe to be a lifelong appreciation of sound baths with deep meditation. I also had many visions and, what can only be described as an unlocking of an intuition, always within me, but that had been quieted through many years of adulting.  


I recently became Reiki Level I certified under the masterful tutelage of Emily Perkins (Usui Holy Fire II CRT Master) and could not be more pleased with my experience. Thanks to her mastery of reiki and her own journey through life, Emilyharbors a great wealth of knowledge as well as compassion for those she works with which makes her so incredibly effective. I was immediately struck by the serenity and love that Emily exudes—it set the tone for an incredibly transformative and empowering journey based on trust, love, peace, and respect that I will never forget. I will continue to return to Emily and Love Living Holistics for holistic healing and reiki certifications—there is no greater, more peaceful, or more professional environment in which to seek the light and love of holistic healing and growth.


"Emily told me that she was teaching a Reiki I course in October of 2018. I told her that there was no possible way I could learn Reiki. She smiled knowingly and told me anyone could learn. Still skeptical, I signed up for the class. Just like her individual Reiki sessions and Life Coaching sessions, Emily’s Reiki teaching style was a delight. Just as Emily predicted, I was able to learn to perform Reiki. Being able to help people using Reiki is such an extremely gratifying gift that brings me great personal joy. I just had to have more. I just completed Usui Holy Fire III Reiki Master training."